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Introducing Caleb Beauty Permanent

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Welcome to my site, here you can explore my work and learn more about me. On my platform you will find a unique tour of my videos, which I organize by themes and collections. Start enjoying and get in touch with me.

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Permanent makeup

Permanently beautiful and well-groomed appearance even without makeup ...

Permanent makeup has been a recognized and proven method for many years to support one's beauty where something has been neglected by nature or where age has left its mark. Each person, each face has a unique expression. Permanent makeup doesn't want to change this uniqueness, but simply to subtly and truly underline it and permanently highlight the beauty that comes from you. Makeup and makeup removal are definitely a thing of the past! With permanent makeup you not only save a lot of time and effort every day, you also have an exact, fresh and well-groomed appearance at any time for years. Permanent makeup can withstand any wind and weather! Thanks to the waterproof colors, there are no longer annoying makeup runs when swimming, taking a sauna or playing sports. All of this becomes a carefree pleasure throughout the day.

Properly done permanent makeup should wear off and will wear off after two to five years. This is exactly the time when facial features, lip contours, and eyes change as you age. And therefore, it is the right time to decide on a new line and current color scheme.

Professional permanent makeup is made with certified vegetable dyes that are precisely tailored to your type. Only these natural colored pigments are harmless to health and guarantee perfect compatibility. Do we arouse your interest? We treat the following areas of the face with permanent makeup.

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As a creative person, I have always liked to share my ideas, opinions and talents with the people around me. My videos have given me the perfect place to make this possible.

I like to be honest with my brand, my followers, and myself. My top priority is creating interesting and unique content. I invite you to know my world! Keep browsing my videos and check out recent news and much more. If you would like to chat, do not hesitate to contact me.

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